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NoHassles or Hidden Fees.

Our pricing model is intended to be simple with no hidden fees!  You simply pay the annual membership and you get access based on the permissions of the Profile Type you select.  Easy as that!

Low Annual
Membership Price

Members pay the membership fee for their Profile Type one time each year.  It's as simple as that!


You can publish unlimited listings in the CollegeMarket under the categories you have publishing access to which is the vast majority as a business!


Included in every membership type (a.k.a. profile type) is the ability to write unlimited blogs to gain subscribers and build your company's brand amongst our community members and beyond!  You don't have to have a membership to subscribe to authors, categories and more in the Articles section so even non-members will have full access to the content you create!

C.L. "Gives Back"

Being a community member on CollegeLiving Social means our community members and partners know that you give back to students.  In addition, CollegeLiving will take a portion of your payment to give back to students for financial support!

Automatic Renewal
after 1 Full Year

You will get unlimited access to categories and areas of CollegeLiving Social based on the profile type you register as for 1 full year!  As you near the end of your calendar year you will receive email(s) reminding you of your low, annual automatic renewal upcoming!

24/7 Support Desk & Forums

Modify your privacy settings with familiar settings to limit what other registered students can see on your profile page!

and more!

Profile Access Basics

One Community, Unique Opportunities to Connect

CollegeLiving Social connects college students, businesses, community leaders and universities in a handful of ways!
You get to choose the way you connect with people you know while having the tools at hand to start networking with new connections in meaningful ways.

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College Students

100% Free!
100% Free!
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Business Members

100% Free!
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Blogger & Writers

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University & Community

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Commonly Asked Questions

The following are commonly asked questions from our future community members before registering!  The CollegeLiving Community has so many features that it is nearly impossible to provide the answers upfront.  We always recommend getting involved in the community and learning as you go!  Our support team is available to answer questions through quick support tickets, video guides and more to help you get the most of your CollegeLiving experience!
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Business Leaders

What happens after my year expires?
If you choose to not renew your low priced, annual membership you lose the ability to make edits, reply to comments, etc. relating to all of your business listings.  There is also the chance that we will choose to make your listings as "unpublished". 

The CollegeLiving Team has the right to become the "owner" of the listing and keep it published for members to review and interact with, however, you will not have access to reply, make sure the listing is accurate with your contact information, etc. unless you renew your membership.   You can always "claim your business" at a later date to regain control over the listing.
How Can I Pay?
What does $70 a year give me for access?
Will the rates always stay this low?
Can I suggest CollegeMarket categories?
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Colleges & Organizations

All Higher Education providers are welcome!
We openly welcome all higher education providers to register on in our community including:
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Technical schools
  • Junior colleges
  • and more!
What if I don't have a ".edu" or ".org" email address?
Is it always 100% Free?
As a student can I register as College with ".edu" email?
As a University Official can I register as a student with ".edu" email?
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College Students

What if I'm a Student without a ".edu" email?
One of the main ways the the CollegeLiving Team can keep the community private to college students is by requiring a university provided email address for registration.  

At this time, a valid university email is required to sign up as a CollegeLiving Social college student.  

Are you International?  We realize that not all university emails end in ".edu" and we are adding new countries regularly.  Email us today if you cannot register with your countries university email domain!
Can I list on CollegeMarket for Free?
I don't start until Fall, can I join now?
Can non-students register with old University Email?
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Bloggers & Writers

Do I have to be a Professional Writer or Blogger?
Absolutely not!  CollegeLiving is a community designed to empower college students to find their voice in unique ways and Blogs is just one of them. 

As a registered Blogger & Writer you will not be required to have a professional site already or have experience in blogging.  We provide you tutorials, quick step-by-step guides and more to learn about how to use Articles to get the most out of your posts!
What happens after my year expires?
How Can I Pay?
Will the rates always stay this low?
What does $10 a year give me for access?
Can I suggest Article categories?

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