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Learn how our team markets listings and even a few added tips that you can do for free to enhance your success!

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Nearly all online marketers agree that the most powerful way of promoting products and services is word of mouth.  All of our listings have embedded "easy click" sharing options for site visitors, community members and more to share across all of our social community newsfeeds as well as other leading social sites in a single click!

Social Sharing

We harness the power of social sharing automatically giving all vistors and community members easy, one-click access to sharing your listings across the world!

Email Campaigns

We send email campaigns to our fast growing network of email subscribers, website visitors and more to help promote your business in a meaningful way!

SEO Marketing

Your listings are automatically designed to enhance SEO (searche enginge optimization on Google, Yahoo, etc.) to increase the likelihood of your listing getting found through search engines!

Fast Content Growth

The CollegeLiving Social website is designed to optimize user visits, new content being added, social sharing and more giving your listing even more likelihood it will be found!

Social Community

CollegeLiving Social provides a private, fully functional social community for college students rivaling Facebook and Twitter where we market YOU throughout the community too!


While working alongside universities, business leaders and community organizations across the nation we actively promote our CollegeMarket supporters providing you further advertising.

and more!

We help each of our community members continuously gain more from the growing CollegeLiving community!

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