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The CollegeLiving Social community is a private, engaging way to connect with fellow college students on a powerful, innovative social platform.  Whether you're wanting a fun, private way to communicate with friends in college or you're looking to find new connections based on similar interests we have new ways for you to connect!


College Social Community


Features You Will Love

CollegeLiving Social's college community is a place where college students can connect with familiar features they have grown to love and enjoy a growing list of new features created with you in mind!

Students Only

Only registered College Student community members have access to the social networking site after registering with their ".edu" email and confirming they received this email from a higher education facility as a student.

Photos, Videos & More!

It's easy to instantly post videos, pictures, comments and files throughout the website to better connect with friends and community members

Reviews, Comments & More

All throughout CollegeLiving is a way for you to review and share comments to help students like you find products, content, services and more that are beneficial to them.

Meaningful Connections

CollegeLiving Social gives you more ways to connect than simply "posting" about your life.  Write Blogs, post on CollegeMarket, share ideas, post reviews and so much more!

Chat Messages

Enjoy a modern chat bubble design that follows you everywhere you go so whether you're browsing the CollegeMarket or writing a new blog post in Articles, your chat bubble will make sure you are connected.

Pages, Groups & Events

The social community is fully featured and designed from all of the things you love most about other leading networks!  We have improved Groups, Events and Pages so that students can connect in more meaningful ways!

Privacy is Important

We have designed our privacy settings to be familiar to you so that you can spend more time connecting and less time learning how to protect your information! 

Social Sharing

It's easy to instantly post videos, pictures, comments and files that you're posting on CollegeLiving instantly on to your Twitter and LinkedIn instantly! No added steps!

Grow Your Network

CollegeLiving Social embraces all that is great about social networking and takes it even further giving you meaningful ways to search for new friends, student groups and more in Advanced Search options.

and so much more!

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New Social

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Social Dock


Sharing Made Easy

Quickly access everything that is most important to you on ANY page!  The Social Dock will follow you as you browse the CollegeMarket, start writing a new blog and so much more!

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Receive Notifications


Pages, Groups & Events


Polls, People & More


and so much more!

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The Social Dock connects you to your social profile, posting and more on any page as you take advantage of all that CollegeLiving has to offer!


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Students Only


College Students Connecting

College Students all across the world get 100% free access to the CollegeLiving Social community and features!  All members must have a valid, university provided ".edu" email address that can be verified prior to creating an account.

Registered Student Members Only

".edu" Email Required

Must Verify Email

International Students Welcome

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and so much more!


Mobile App

Coming Soon!

We are in the final testing stages of CollegeLiving Social's mobile app for Android and Apple Store! Join today to be kept in the loop on all updates for the launch of the CollegeLiving Social App!


CollegeLiving Social

Post, share and more right from your phone on the CollegeLiving Social mobile app available on both the Android and Apple Store!


Pages, Groups & Friends

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Photos & Videos


and so much more!

Free Access to College Social Community!

The social community section of CollegeLiving Social is for college students only and requires an university email address (.edu) to register!
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