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Profile Types

Profile Types

Learn about the different Profile Types in the CollegeLiving Community and see which is right for you!

Profile Types

There are four different profile types in the CollegeLiving Community allowing slight variations on access as well as different guidelines for being able to register.

  • College Students
  • Businesses Leaders
  • Bloggers & Writers
  • Colleges & Community Organizations

Comparison Table

The following table helps provide a side-by-side comparison of the profile types to choose from when registering for the CollegeLiving Community.  CollegeLiving Social is only available for college students, but Articles and the MarketPlace are available for the majority of registered community members wanting to connect!

  • Pricing     
  • College Social Community     
  • Browse College Market     
  • List on CollegeMarket     
  • Read Reviews     
  • Post Reviews     
  • Create a Blog     
  • Email Verification Required     
  • Security Matters     

College Students

100% Free!
100% Free!
  • 100% Free!

Business Members

100% Free!
100% Free!
  • 100% Free!

Blogger & Writers

100% Free
100% Free
  • 100% Free!

University & Community

100% Free!
100% Free!
  • 100% Free!

May Apply

College Students
  • Articles.  Some Article categories may not be available for College Students to post in.
  • MarketPlace.  Some MarketPlace categories may not be available for College Students to post in.

Student Only

The social community within CollegeLiving Community is only available for college students with an ".edu" email address!
The CollegeLiving Community is designed to connect college students, community leaders, businesses and university professionals in a meaningful way to enhance their college experience.  With college students at the core of our mission, we have designed our community features with slight variations in privacy and access levels to ensure students have a community where they can share information privately with other college students while still connecting to meaningful resources, articles, discussion boards and the CollegeMarket!

".edu" Email Required

Registration for the social community section of the CollegeLiving Community is restricted to college students with a ".edu" email address.

Student Written Blogs

As a student you get free access to Start a Blog, gain subscribers and post on Student Only sections!

Post on CollegeMarket

As a College Student you get free access to list on the CollegeMarket!  Sell back your school books, re-let your apartment, find tutors and more!
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