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One of the best features of CollegeLiving is our free Blogger platform where registered students and community members can share their stories to pass on advice to current and future students around the world!  Build subscribers, quickly create templated blogs and even have a chance to earn Google Ad rewards on your blog!

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Easy to Learn

We have made blogging both powerful and easy to learn!  Whether you are a veteran blogger or a student just starting out you will find our Blogging platform welcoming!

Automatic SEO

Our developers and marketing team automatically build in SEO optimizing features so you do not need to worry about anything beyond having good content!

Gain Followers

Whether you're a blogger on other platforms or just starting out, the CollegeLiving Community provides you a unique way to gain followers in many ways.  Visitors can follow you, categories and more while receiving email alerts to help build your subscriber list!

Open to the World

Although you need to be registered to create a blog and comment on other blogs, we have opened the ability to read and subscribe to absolutely anyone that is on the web!  Your blogs can reach the world!

Reviews, Comments & Social Sharing

Every article will automatically have social sharing links in a consistent format so that readers can easily share your blogs across CollegeLiving Social, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn and more! Also, our team will send out additional emails to followers and community members giving your blogs an even bigger boost!

About Author

Under every blog you post will be a section that is called "About the Author" (see pic below).  Based on how you manage your Blog Profile you can discuss yourself and it will list other blogs you've written without any added steps by you!

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