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All Businesses
are Helping

Businesses that are listing on the CollegeMarket or publishing Articles have contributed to the CL Support Fund!


Learn about the eligibility requirements for college students wanting to receive the financial support.

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Starting in 2019

College Living "Gives Back" is our flagship financial support program that allows the College Living Team to "give back" 100% of all donations received as well as up to 30% of all revenue received by the CL Team for services in the CollegeLiving Social community!

College Living Social is hoping to find another way financial support is provided back to those seeking higher education!  The financial hardship placed on current students is high, but the level of debt placed on already graduated college students in the workforce has an equal negative effect on our economy in so many ways.  We are rolling up our sleeves and finding a way to support EVERYONE!


All Businesses are Helping

A Community of Giving

Each registered member that has signed up as a Business Member or Blogger/Writer paid a low annual membership amount to join.  The CollegeLiving Team will take up to 30% of our own earned revenue from this membership and provide it back to students in the CollegeLiving Gives Back program!

30% of Our Revenue

The CollegeLiving Social Team will provide up to 30% of it's own annual revenue earned from buiness memberships on CollegeLiving Social!

100% Donations

The CollegeLiving Social Team will "give back" 100% of all donations received from businesses, community leaders and universities throughout the year!


Eligibility Requirements

Simple Guidelines

The following are the guidelines for the College Living "Gives Back" program for current students. The guidelines are simple and once you join CollegeLiving for free as a verfied enrolled college student you will have access to our entire social community, job opportunities, housing reviews by students like you, college discounts and instantly become eligible for CL Gives Back!
Must be registered as College Student on CollegeLiving Social
The College Living Gives Back funds are given only as a thank you to our dedicated College Living Friends (free subscribers). By completing a Job Portal Profile you will automatically be added to the College Living Gives Back email list!


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By taking a couple minutes to create a CollegeLiving Social account as a registered College Student, you will instantly have FREE access to endless college resources, social communities, discussion boards and more!  Plus you will automatically be added to the CollegeLiving Gives Back program contact list to learn more as we get closer! It really is that simple!
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