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coming in 2019!

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We are excited to be entering the final stages of our mobile app development for the Social Community and MarketPlace!  Stay tuned and we will be sending a message out through the community in 2019 for the launch in both Apple & Android store!

Mobile app for our

Social Community

College students can connect on the go with friends, community members and more through this beautifully designed mobile app!

Post & Share on the Go!

Find Groups, Events & Pages

100% Free!

Private for College Students

and more!

Mobile app for our

College Market

All members can browse the MarketPlace on the go and share their favorites, post reviews (as a student) and more!

Browse Housing Nearby

Review & Comment

Share Your Favorites

Search a Variety of Categories

and more!


The Job Board isMobile Friendly

Create Job Profile Now!

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