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What makes our job network unique is that you do NOT have to decide whether you only want to consider college students or not! In addition to reaching students in unique and meaningful ways on College Living Social, your job posts will automatically be listed across 100+ leading job sites so you can sit back and review candidates that are students and non-students!  Check out the video to learn more!

Connect toGraduatesInternsCurrent Studentsnon-students!

College students and recent graduates provide businesses a unique blend of educated talent and a willingness to learn.  Endless studies show the value of bringing a young perspective into a business of any size and their willing to learn on the job will continue to pay off for years to come!

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Marketing &

We have combined the industries leading marketing partnerships with our own unique wrinkles to connect your jobs across the globe!

Post to 100+ Job Sites

Marketed on Social Media Feeds

Job Bundles that Never Expire

Powerful Job Boosts

and more!

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Job "Boosts"
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Our team finds ways to promote jobs through social media, emails campaigns, blogs, socially, on campus and more!

Dedicated College Social Community

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Advanced Publishing

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Marketing & Partnerships


Connecting you byprofile searchespartnershipssocial mediasocial networkingmore!.

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for making connections

Our Profile Search feature allows you to search directly for Job Seekers using filters and keywords!  This feature means you can directly contact individuals you are interested in starting a conversation with through phone or email!

Partnerships to
100+ Job Boards

for reaching a larger audience

Our partnerships allows all of our "Advanced Publishing" jobs posts to automatically be posted across 100+ leading jobs sites, like ZipRecruiter, giving you even more exposure! 

How does it work?
Our partners have chosen certain packages that we label "?Advanced Publishing" that are guaranteed to also be listed across 100+ leading jobs sites including ZipRecruiter!

Although these jobs remain posted for the full duration of your "job post length" far more often than not, we cannot guarantee that sites like ZipRecruiter will list it on their sites 100% of the time so we don't add it as a "paid" add on directly.  It happens nearly everytime and is well worth taking the chance to reach many audiences around the world!

College Social

made public in seconds

College Living is more than just a job board!  College Living Social is the community where college students, businesses, university officials and community leaders connect in meaningful ways through a private college social community, college marketplace and blogging platform!

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Social Media

for a social world

We have a developed a "feed" system that allows all new listings on College Living Jobs to be automatically posted to our social media sites.  What this means is followers of College Living Social (not just the job board) on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook will see the job listing!

Email Alerts
to Job Seekers

for regular advertising of jobs

Job Seekers have many ways that we "call attention" to the job alerts feature.  All Job Seekers can sign up for daily, weekly or monthly job alerts by email so your listings have an even better chance to get recognized!

Job "Boosts"


Powerful "boosts" to help your job listings stand out from the crowd!

Stand out with FeatureUrgentSocialboosts!

"Job Rocket" Boost

$50-$250 for Single Post Package

Not available for Job Bundles

With the "Job Rocket" Boost we’ve created a way to get more views, clicks and applicants for your jobs. With the click of a button your job will be automatically distributed out to our syndication network via channels such as organic and paid search, a targeted publisher network of over 2,000 sites, and email job alerts.


Boost Price

Choose between $50-$250 that you want to boost your job post.


We Distribute
Your Job

We automatically push your job to a network of paid and organic channels, 2,000 publisher sites and job alerts.


Get Increased

With this increased visibility you are sure to see an increase in traffic with an appealing job post!


Included in all posts for Free!

This job boost is part of our partnership with ZipRecruiter allowing a vast amount of our listings on CollegeLiving Jobs to get promoted throughout the family of ZipRecruiter sites giving you even more exposure!

Although it happens far more often than not, we cannot guarantee that ZipRecruiter will list every job post on their sites so we add this as a free perk!

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Social Media

Included in all posts for Free!

We have a developed a "feed" system that allows all new listings on College Living Jobs to be automatically posted to our social media sites.  What this means is followers of College Living Social (not just the job board) on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook will see the job listing!

Facebook:  /CollegeLivingUS
Twitter:  @CollegeLivingUS
LinkedIn:  @CollegeLivingSocial

Featured Boost

$25 for Single Post Packages

Free for Job Bundles

The "Featured Boost" is an excellent choice to help your job posts get the absolute most recognition!  As you can seen in the picture it is highlighted with a red box, has a red side panel and has a unique background color to help catech the eye.  

We list featured posts on the front website of the CollegeLiving Jobs website and they are prioritized in other search panels across the site!

Urgent Boost

$15 for Single Post Packages

Not usually available for Job Bundles

The "Urgent Boost" is best used for when you need to draw attention to a position that is hiring immediately.  It is less common, expecially for college students but it can drive a sense of urgency (obviously!) should you need something for seasonal work, to fill a role unexpectedly left, etc.


Google &

included in all posts for free!

We have developed our job board to optimize Google searches and our mapping service to help drive traffic to job posts in the College Living Jobs community!

Renewal Discounts
& Specials

Receive up to 30% Off!

When you purchase job bundles you will be entered in to earn up to 30% off renewal packages as well as additional "bundle member" discounts throughout the holidays and special occassions!

Simple Pricing

You will find that our pricing beats indeed pricing, Uloop pricing and so many more!

Part of the Solution

College Living
"Gives Back"

By signing up as a business member in the CollegeLiving community you are instantly making a positive impact through your job posts.  You gain exposure beyond connecting with students, graduates and the universities that serve them. In addition, CollegeLiving Social donates up to 30% of your membership to the College Living "Gives Back" program that supports college student success!

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