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Resume Tips


Although our primary focus is on engaging students to promote their resumes across various mediums and supporting you in gaining experience, we have been asked many times on resume tips!

In addition to working in college markets for many years our team has also worked along private firms that hire thousands of college students each year so we have seen our fair share of college resumes. Here are our tips! 

Quick Resume Tips

The following are a handful of quick tips we wanted to add to support our articles on updating your social media before you start a job search and interviewing tips.

#1 | Make A List

It is clear immediately when a resume has been put together with thought and planning as opposed to thrown together at the end. Sticking with a standard Word or Pages template is an excellent way to build your resume initially and saves time.

Make sure to create a list of all your experiences highlighting times when you showed...

  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Volunteer Work
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Clubs, Greek Life and School Groups
  • Diversity in job types
  • Awards you have received (academically and personally)
  • Projects you were a part of even if it was just being exposed to the project in an assistant role

#2 | Only The Best

Once you have created a list of experiences, figure out which paint the best picture for the specific role you are apply for and leave out the rest. Many students have only one resume, but your experience may be best described in a different format. For example, a non-profit will enjoy seeing the lengths you went in to volunteering in high school and college outline a variety of experiences you've had supporting your community. Although a finance firm you are applying to will value this as a "personality add" they are more interested in seeing the experience you already bring to the specific job you are applying for right now which means providing academic support, projects in class you undertook, etc. and then simply adding volunteer work later on!

#3 | Show Creativity

More and more employers are loving to see college students that have a variety of experiences across a multitude of industries throughout college. This shows them that you follow your passions and have found your calling (Even if you haven't!). Include any type of creative work that you are passionate about as many companies are looking for student hires to bring a fresh new look into their already heavily experienced team. Outline projects in which you introduced a new idea or even creative hobbies you have which can include anything from art and music all the way to website development!

#4 | Own It

You are in college. You know and the Employer knows it! We always recommend to students creating a meaningful resume that they should be proud of where they are in their professional career development and own it. By showing that you are proud of where you have become you not only show confidence but you also portray an understanding that you have a lot to learn still. Having eagerness to develop further is a very attractive trait of any applicant regardless of age and is likely to place you in the middle of opportunities much earlier than you expect.

#5 | Grammar

Although we are likely the millionth person to bring this up it is incredibly important so we will repeat the sentiment that grammar is important. For 99% of jobs out there the employer is seeking a college educated candidate for a specific reason and it is not always in the specific degree you are working towards completing. There is a general understanding that higher education accepts the "best of the best" from high school and then helps support the young professional into becoming more rounded in their field. Displaying proper grammar is no longer something that is impressive to an Employer and it has become a simple requirement of a college candidate. Nearly all Employers are seeking a candidate that can speak fluently with coworkers and customers without additional grammatical training on their end. If this is less important to them then they typically do not require a college degree. We strongly suggest you stay away from slang, "text speaking" and anything that would not have passed with an A+ in your English class.

#6 | Keep It Simple

An employer seeking a strong collegiate candidate is fully aware that you are not the finished product so to speak. Your resume should be one page maximum with experience and education being easily covered on this first page. Leaving a long resume can become tiresome to an Employer reading through hundreds of applications. Instead of listing everything in your resume, utilize social media like LinkedIn and a proper Cover Page to add further information to your resume as further reading if an Employer is interested. 

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