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Highest Paying Part-time College Jobs


Part-time jobs offer income as well as experience in fields you may be interested in! An important part of the college experience is exposing yourself to different industries to figure out what you want to do (or don't!). We have put together a list of varying jobs that you are qualified for today and may set you up for success in multiple industries down the road! 

Here's The List!

Remember that each of these are ranked based on the hourly rate paid for this skill based on a national average! Your pay may vary... 😜

#11 Bartender

Bartenders are notorious for cash flow. If you're willing to work nights and weekends you can make some serious cash!

#10 Hotel Desk Clerk

Hotel Desk Clerks make $10-$12 on average beginning rates and offer a growth opportunity after graduation in a competitive industry that has international locations for you to work wherever you wish to live!

#9 Dog Walker

This may be the first surprise to the list! Dog Walker's on average make just under $12 an hour. If you enjoy spending time with furry friends and getting out in the beautiful weather (and rain) then check out this part time job!

#8 Tax Preparer

Interested in accounting? Many firms need your assistance and are willing to pay (and train) for your willingness to assist with long hours. Although this may not be a very attractive opportunity, keep in mind it will give you insight to your own tax responsibilities and can lend itself to a "work from home" career opportunity later in life!

#7 Bank Teller

Bank Teller's are an obvious fit for future financial managers as it provides similar growth opportunities as the Hotel Desk Clerk option. Hours may be restricted if you have a standard Monday - Thursday class schedule, but it it worth looking into if you are flexible with class.

#6 Library Assistant

Yes, libraries are still a real thing! Since you probably were surprised to know this, you can understand that the demand for work help is high and they pay very well!

#5 Nanny

It is no surprise that a reliable, caring individual is in high demand when wanting to care for a families most prized family member: their child. With so many families having two working parents these days, nannies are in high demand and pay extremely well!

#4 Tutor

Tutors make nearly $17 an hour on average. If you are looking for a role to stay on campus and help your fellow classmates, this is the plan for you! Posting on the school job boards and using the tutor centers on campus will help you grow your client base.

#3 Fitness Instructor

Leading classes and training on your own schedule is not as difficult as you would imagine in the fitness world. There are many businesses for fitness, yoga, barre and over wellness trends that need young instructors. If you love to stay fit you should consider leadership roles in this industry as they pay very well and have schedules that are flexible due to their clients having 9-5 jobs typically.

#2 Social Media Strategist

Are you studying marketing? Do you love social media and how it connects future leaders, families and communities at large? This is an industry that many businesses are paying on average $20+ an hour to assist in blogging, posting on various sites, managing content and driving relevance to their business! With many softwares allowing you to schedule posts, you can find flexible businesses letting you do your project work after hours!

#1 Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is a unique skill and as such pays well! The definition of this skill has evolved, and seems to have no end, but the key is to understand that you are writing, blogging, coding, consulting, etc. on an expertise you have. The industries in which a freelance writer works is immense involving accounting, language translating, citing documents for papers, medical note taking, editor, software coding and so much more! The best part is if you can build these skills long term while in college, you have a strong foundation for building a "stay at home" business that you can manage remotely while making a strong income long term.

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