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At the heart of CollegeLiving Social is a passion to serve college communities and enhance the overall college experience.  As a team we work alongside community leaders, university officials and business leaders to connect the best that each has to offer with the college students and families that need them most! 

We are always actively seeking new growth opportunities and work to support many of the trending team culture designs that best fit our team's goals in supporting the communities we serve.  We have a unique team design that is open to having a strong mix of young adults, executives with experience in dozens of industries and development team members that love to push to leading edge ideas each year.  

With this in mind, we pursue individuals that are passionate about their work and focus on community development across the United States and beyond.  

Although we offer market competitive compensation in each position, our Talent Management Team is tasked with finding unique candidates that are looking for more than a paycheck.  If this sounds like you, please send us your information!  The College Living Team is passionate for the community we serve and are continuously looking to expand through various opportunities in Colorado and other states.  

Student, Part Time
& Internships

Interested in a part-time, seasonal, project based or internship?  Learn how to find what positions we have available!

Full Time

Professional experience and/or completed your degree?  Learn how to apply to professional positions at CollegeLiving Social!

Part Time & Internships

For students or anyone looking for seasons, part time or internship work.





Find Openings
@ College MarketPlace!

All of our part-time positions are posted on the CollegeLiving's MarketPlace under the "Jobs" section!  Anytime we have new positions available we will share all of the details in the Marketplace community for members to find!

Full-Time Opportunities

For experienced professionals and recent graduates





Join a Growing Team!

A career with CollegeLiving Social is about more than simply your next job.  As a smaller team, we focus primarily on finding the correct "fit" when adding team members.  Although each team member brings a specialty, it is crucial to us that all team members bring a unique blend of experience and open-mindedness to blend with our team.

Key Candidates are...


Ability to adapt to new ideas as projects change frequently.

Positive Attitude

Ability to see challenges as opportunities and inspire people around you.

Self Starter

Ability to get yourself motivated each day.

Solution Oriented

Ability to find solutions to reach or exceed goals as opposed to finding problems.


Ability to succeed without constant oversight.

Self Assess

Ability to know what your strengths and weaknesses are to help others support you.

Learn Each Day

Ability to learn something new each day and be okay with building on mistakes.

Outside of Box

Ability to think outside of just your role in the team.  We all wear many hats!

Our primary goal is to build a team that loves what they do with CollegeLiving Social and are eager to learn something new as their career's develop each year.  Candidates that are eager to help the team however is needed are heavily sought after as everyone on our team, including our Founder, helps in all departments when needed!

If you believe you would make a positive addition to our team, please email an updated resume and brief summary of why you would make an excellent addition to the our team culture.  You can email our Team Lead at  

You are welcome to include additional information, however, it is not mandatory.  Additional information may include:

  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • References
  • Positions you are interested in (Developer, Marketing, Finance, University Relations, etc.)

A representative will contact you should your qualifications match any of our availabilities.

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