Earn as You Share

A unique feature rewarding our CollegeLiving Community

It's Easy to EarnPointsDiscountsSwagOpportunities

One of the best features of the College Living Social community is that all registered college students earn points as they positively engage in our community providing rewards, opportunities, discounts and more!

Interact in Community

You will automatically earn points through hundreds of different actions you take as you share, create, "like" and more with friends and community members!

Earn Points & Badges

As you interact throughout the community you will automatically earn points which will lead to Badges and climbing the Leaderboard!

Rewards & Opportunities

Community members that have climbed the Leaderboard or earned specific Badges will have the potential to a growing list of rewards and opportunities!

Earn points as you...

Create a Group, Page or Event

Add a Review in the MarketPlace

"Like" a Post, Photo or Video

Someone Reads Your Blog

and SO MUCH more!

Points will help you...

Earn Badges & Achievements

Climb the CollegeLiving Leaderboard

Rewards include...

Win Swag from CollegeLiving & our Partners

Get Discounts from our Partners

Opportunities to Connect with our Partners

and SO MUCH more!

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It's Easy & Fun

Badges &
My Achievements

Earning points, badges and achievements adds a whole new element to the College Living community!  We are looking forward to growing our reward system, creating "mini tours" and helping college students connect in meaningful ways as you share your college experience!

Earn Rewards

Earn rewards as you automatically earn points in the community!

We have endless ideas on how to take My Achievements to the next level with discounts, opportunities in the community, rewards and more!  Simply by creating, sharing and being interactive in the social community you will automatically begin earning points, achievements and badges!


Be "in the know" on local and national discounts!  As we continue to build relationships across the nation we ask vendors to provide discounts to our community for their products and services.  Gaining points, badges and achievements will help you earn more discounts for simply enjoying the CollegeLiving Social community!

Cash Prizes

Win visa gift cards and other "cash prizes" throughout the year!  We will run "mini tours" and special events where the more points you earn during that event the more likely you are to win cash prizes!


Win swag and other giveaways from the CollegeLiving Team and our partners!  We regularly ask our vendors to give us swag, gift cards and more so that we can give them to our community leaders!  We will giveaway our own swag (t-shirts, water bottles, etc.) along with partners giveaways.  The more badges and achievements you have the more likely you will be chosen from the community!

Unique Opportunities

We regularly discuss opportunities for our community members with partners across the nation.  Depending on each partner's industry, unique opportunities arise where community members can benefit from specialized internships and more!  For example, partners that are in media have asked if we have recommendations on community members for summer internships and we look to Blogging achievements, Leadersboads and overall community involvement!

and so much more!

Staying Involved

Mini Tours

Throughout the year we will have Mini Tours and special events where community members will be able to earn more points for special event actions that benefit the online community and often beyond our online community! 

Community members that earn the most points or specific badges during the Mini Tour will earn rewards!

Holiday Tours

Community Tours

Campus Tours

Blogging Tours

& more!

Learn more about

The CollegeLiving Leaderboard

The Leaderboard shows a list of our community's top point earners.

Learn more about

My Achievements, Timelines, Badges & more!

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